About Naomi

Naomi is a theatre-maker, writer and actorNaomi’s work spans across live performance (including theatre and spoken word), as well as articles and essays.

As a spoken word artist, she has performed for West London Mental Health Trust and wecoproduce.

Some of her most popular articles include On Not Quitting Your Day Job for Exeunt, which beats through the trope of the starving artist and looks at the power (and reality) of day jobs for creatives. Her essay for HowlRound on the concept of theemerging artist’ has also generated some passionate conversations!

Naomi’s solo performance work includes Motherland, a darkly comic show which explores cultural identity and grief. Motherland has been performed at various festivals including the One Festival at The Space and Evolution Festival at the Lyric Hammersmith.  Her award-winning spoken word short Criteria, is the companion piece to Motherland. Made by TEAfilms, Criteria was shortlisted for 9 awards and won a tenth, the BIAFF Diamond Award.

Naomi is also an experienced role play actor and frequently works with the police, the NHS and within the private sector.

Naomi is NOT and never has been affiliated with Assign Your Writer, in any way, shape or form.